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is all I can say.

Head over to Jezebel for more info:

I don’t actually think I buy anything from their advertisers, but I’m double checking and I urge you all to do the same, and if so, change products.

One unintended consequence of the article I’ve felt? Feeling really sorry for the author.

I didn’t expect to! I didn’t intend to!

But someone who holds that much contempt for other people, to the point of being physically sick over their appearance and likening them to heroin addicts (which everyone knows means Bad Person, yeesh), must have a lot of self hatred.

It hurts to see a woman hate her body so much.

And it hurts to know that thousands of women feel the same way.


Please, go here and read.

Pear of the awesome linkage linked me to this and it sums up everything i’ve been being upset about for the past, oh week.

My sociology class is hung up on intent. Lots of second wave feminists, including a second wave feminist presenting professor. Addressing those marginalized in comments would be negating the intent of the comments, which was to…uhm.

Well, I’m not really sure what was intended by comments comparing the oppression of lesbians to the “oppression” of brunettes, and I would have loved to find out. But that would have been “villainizing” the girl who made the comments, so instead I should shut the fuck up and “not get angry when people say insensitive things.” because “intent goes a long way in the classroom.”

Yes, intent goes a long way in the classroom. A long way in MARGINALIZING PEOPLE.

Fuck people, srsly.

I’m sure some of my angst over this has to do with actually COMING OUT to my family and claiming the identity of lesbian (I mean I’m telling my GRANDMOTHER, people. I can’t get out of this one) and this is my first actual incident where I’m experiencing marginalization and can talk about it with people in real life.

And talk about it I do. Constantly. Perhaps at the risk of becoming annoying.

But I mean, I just defined kyriarchy for my girlfriend!

Please stop telling me to subvert my identity to keep you happy.

I thought we were past this, solidly into the third wave, maybe emerging into the fourth, realizing that women of color, queer women, disabled women, imprisoned women and every other woman had their own voice to add to our movement. I really thought you were done telling me that my identity needed to be sectioned off and isolated into pockets of activism. You’re telling me I should suppress being queer in order to further a movement that represents women, yet if you have your way, won’t represent me. But I’m pretty sure I’m a woman. I’m also pretty sure that the trans women I know are women too, and that your definition of woman and female are woefully inadequate, insulting, and just another way to perpetuate your tired stereotypes and patriarchy approved message of racism and homophobia.

In other words, fuck you sociology class.


Sorry for the brief sojourn! School’s almost over (2. more. finals. need. sleep.) so we can again begin our lovely discussions!

Here’s a brief recap incase you’re joining us for the first time:

I’m a college aged female in a large city, blogging about radical feminism. Summary: pro women’s rights, pro gay rights, pro healthcare reform, anti religion in my government/patriarchy/etc. Read a few posts to get a feel for the attitude and style here.

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Up next: WTF IS ALABAMA DOING? And we still have to talk about abortion in the military. And what does this arizona bill legalizing racism mean for women?

Overandout, with lots of love and snuggles,


Sydney Morning Herald: Women Gather For Burning Issues, Not Bras
Cool article on feminists in Australia assembling and discussing the generation gap!

Reblogging this from the lovely Pear’s comment on my last post, because everyone NEEDS to see this!

Holly Norris’ American Able

A wonderful campaign done for a class. I’d love to see this campaign actually take off. 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy celebrating the life of an extraordinarily successful evangelizer and eating salty meat, or whatever else you do.

There’s a cute comic over at XKCD called “Porn for Women.” Check it out!  It is a nice commentary on how women aren’t supposed to be sexual beings, in stick figure form!

Love, radfemles

P.S. Need an abortion? Hope you’re not in the military. That post, coming soon.