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Please, go here and read.

Pear of the awesome linkage linked me to this and it sums up everything i’ve been being upset about for the past, oh week.

My sociology class is hung up on intent. Lots of second wave feminists, including a second wave feminist presenting professor. Addressing those marginalized in comments would be negating the intent of the comments, which was to…uhm.

Well, I’m not really sure what was intended by comments comparing the oppression of lesbians to the “oppression” of brunettes, and I would have loved to find out. But that would have been “villainizing” the girl who made the comments, so instead I should shut the fuck up and “not get angry when people say insensitive things.” because “intent goes a long way in the classroom.”

Yes, intent goes a long way in the classroom. A long way in MARGINALIZING PEOPLE.

Fuck people, srsly.

I’m sure some of my angst over this has to do with actually COMING OUT to my family and claiming the identity of lesbian (I mean I’m telling my GRANDMOTHER, people. I can’t get out of this one) and this is my first actual incident where I’m experiencing marginalization and can talk about it with people in real life.

And talk about it I do. Constantly. Perhaps at the risk of becoming annoying.

But I mean, I just defined kyriarchy for my girlfriend!


I’m gonna rehash an oldie but a goodie:


Regardless of what she’s wearing, doing, saying, drinking, or where she is doing any of these things or with whom she is doing them.


Keshia Cantor was handed a pamphlet explaining to her that her immodest dress may cause her to raped and was responsible for men sinning. Here’s where the news article fails: it goes on to describe Cantor’s dress, asserting she’s a “good girl” who was all covered up while working at her mother’s fast food restaurant. Uhm, hold on.

“Bad girls” don’t deserve to get raped either, and they aren’t responsible for men “sinning.”

So good job,  Clare Golfordo of the Herald Courier press, for covering these sexist, fingerpointing, inaccurate pamphlets, even though you didn’t quittte follow through.

Bad job, society, for needing to know exactly what the girl handed this pamphlet was wearing. I mean, after all,we have to know… what if she deserved it?

Bristol Harold Courier: “Blame the victim: Religious leaflet claims ‘ungodly’ dressed women provoke rape”

Shoutout to Feministing for the article link.

Quansa Thompson is suing the club when she worked as an exotic dancer for lack of payment, challenging the idea that dancers work as “contractors.” Due to the restrictions and rules of the club, Quansa says she was an employee and should be compensated as such. Though the reporting in the Washington Post is dreadful, we can all follow and support this case as it works its way through the system. Yay for marginalized women in marginalized jobs standing up for their rights!

Learn more about the sex industry and sex workers today. Start learning about pro and anti sex feminism and seeing where your opinions and ideas fit. Sex and sexuality is a battleground in feminism. Start getting your knowledge ready!

Hey people, did you know the UN’s Commission on Women is meeting to review the Beijing Platform for Action, which occurred in 1995,  and the Commission on the Status of Women, which happened in 2000? I’d heard it was happening but didn’t think of writing it up until a lovely commenter brought it up in my last post. So thank you! I’d forgotten how little attention some events I think everyone is aware of  actually get.

Here’s the text of the Beijing Platform

Some of my favorite parts are

32. Intensify efforts to ensure equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all women and girls who face multiple barriers to their empowerment and advancement because of such factors as their race, age, language, ethnicity, culture, religion, or disability, or because they are indigenous people;

Yay, intersectionality!!!

34. Develop the fullest potential of girls and women of all ages, ensure their full and equal participation in building a better world for all and enhance their role in the development process.


I’m gonna say it here: I’m not the hugest fan of bodies like the UN. I mean, that’s a lot of lofty goals right there, you know? And the radical in this blog title isn’t a joke, I’m a big fan of direct action and advocacy. I’m not against the UN’s Commission on Women by any means. It just isn’t enough. Giving a set of vaguely unattainable goals to governments saturated in the patriarchy can only do so much. It isn’t enough. But it is something, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out and what conclusions are drawn from the evaluation.

And, Happy International Women’s Day!

Good Asian Drivers consist of Melissa Li and Kit Yan, musician and slam poet. Focusing on many contemporary issues, especially in relation to queer culture, The Good Asian Drivers are not to be overlooked.

I especially recommend “Here’s To You,” Melissa Li’s amazing song celebrating women of all types, interspersed with spoken word from Kit Yan.

“here’s to the women who write

women who sing
women who rock
here’s to the women who fight
and to the women who have fought
here’s to the artists the doctors the teachers the athletes
the strong and the brave
here’s to the women who do business with men
and to the women who misbehave
here’s to the women in the army
and here’s to a little bit of defiance
here’s to the work of those filmmakers who break the silence
here’s to the women who run things own things fix things
and refuse to be hidden
here’s to the women who love freedom
and to the women who love women
here’s to all the mothers
here’s to all the daughters
here’s to all the sisters the wives the girlfriends
and those who just love being alone
here’s to all the women of the world from songo mozambique
to the plains of mongolia
from the black beaches of iceland
to the favelas of brazil
and to those right here at home”

Go Youtube them, then buy their album, plz!

Radical feminist, over and out.

Just got RAINN’s latest email, and had to share.

Thank you Gregg Milligan for sharing your story on Oprah, encouraging 5,000 people over average to contact the RAINN helpline and centers looking for help.

Physically and sexually abused by his mother, Milligan shared his childhood and what it took to become a successful member of the military, as well as a succesful father.

Thank you for sharing your story, Gregg!

(I’m on a military kick lately, which is a bit odd, considering I’m a card carrying conscientious objector, but I think that the military tends to be undercovered in liberal media, due to its decidedly nonliberal tendencies, so I’m gonna go with it!)

A recent development marks the beginning of the end to discriminating against women who wish to serve on submarines. Last week, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates issued a letter to Congress stating the end of the ban. It will be a year until the first female serves, and it will be on larger submarines, which are considered easier to “reoutfit” for co-ed use.

New York Times: “Ban on Women on Submarines Ends”

Who here has watched G.I. Jane? I mean, I only got up to the training people to be tortured part before leaving and hugging a stuffed animal, but I have friends who love the movie. In one of beginning scenes, while sunk into a bathtub with her also military husband, she recounts being told she could not serve on the submarine, because there was only one bathroom.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of women being discriminated against in the military! What’s next, allowing gay and lesbians to serve?!

These statements are rather hopeful. Especially in light of my next post: Want a Safe, Legal Abortion? Don’t Join the Military.

Educate yourself and others on the challenges women in the military face today!