More Hell, Fewer Dahlias: The Musings of a Radical Feminist.

I’m back!

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Sorry for the brief sojourn! School’s almost over (2. more. finals. need. sleep.) so we can again begin our lovely discussions!

Here’s a brief recap incase you’re joining us for the first time:

I’m a college aged female in a large city, blogging about radical feminism. Summary: pro women’s rights, pro gay rights, pro healthcare reform, anti religion in my government/patriarchy/etc. Read a few posts to get a feel for the attitude and style here.

Comments are moderated. If your comment is rude, abusive, or intended only to flame, then it won’t be posted. Polite disagreement is always welcome, as well as criticism and discussion. Hint: if you can’t convey your feelings without the words “stupid bitch” or “get back in the kitchen,” it won’t be posted.

Comments that reveal my identity or location won’t be posted, either. I know we live in an era where the internet is small, but there are still dangerous creepos out there. Furthermore, if you do any sort of l337 computer skills and find out my location or anything creepy, and threaten/stalk/harass me, I will make your life miserable via lawsuits and bad energy vibes, okay? If you know me and you’re reading this, (Hi Mom! Hi Auntie! Hi Sister!) or you come across it and think “hm, that girl in chemistry was writing down blog ideas…oh! i wonder if its her!” that’s fine! (actually, that’s awesome!) Come talk to me!  If you’re famous, or I consider you famous (Hi Bloggess! Shakespeare sisters!! Good Asian Drivers!!! Malia Litman!!!!!) TELL ME AND WE CAN MEET FOR GLUTEN FREE CAKE AND I WILL INTERVIEW YOU AND POSSIBLY DROOL, mmkay?Its the creepy internet weirdos I’m worried about, kids.

Up next: WTF IS ALABAMA DOING? And we still have to talk about abortion in the military. And what does this arizona bill legalizing racism mean for women?

Overandout, with lots of love and snuggles,



3 Responses to "I’m back!"

I was wondering what happened to this – welcome back!

Comments are moderated. If your comment is rude, abusive, or intended only to flame, then it won’t be posted…
And I will tell my big sister and she will kick yo’ ass. ( I think that should be added <3)

So happy you are back lil one 🙂


Saw your post at feministblogs.

So wtf IS Alabama doing now? I live there, here, whatever. What are we up to?

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