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Yay Spain!

Posted on: February 27, 2010

Spain loosened their abortions laws considerably earlier this week! Go Spain!!! Women can now abort up to 22 weeks, regardless of the health status of the pregnancy: it doesn’t have to be rape or endangering the woman’s life. Go Spain!!

It’s also really sad that Spain has beaten the US on this, people. Catholic monarchy being more progressive? We’ve got issues here, kids.

Ms. Magazine: “Spain Reforms Abortion Laws”


3 Responses to "Yay Spain!"

OK, I was really pleased to read this post…..up until that last sentence. It seems that every time USians report on Spain for any positive reason, they’re shocked that *anything* good could possibly come from such a benighted backwater.

Firstly, once again with feeling (and more than a little exasperation): Catholicism in Spain is for the most part about culture, not religion. In other words, most people are not religious and only take part in religious festivals, etc., because a) they’ve done so all their lives, and b) most of them tend to be really fun. Only a small percentage of the population goes to church, and most of those who do are elderly.

Also: monarchy. Yeah, just like the UK, and those Scandinavian countries that USians tend to worship as the shining lights of progressive values.

Dear USians: Spain is not a medieval country. Please update your reference points.

Sorry to have upset you, I don’t think that came off as I wanted it to. I was more remarking on the irony that Spain’s image as a “medieval country” is totally NOT true anymore, and we’re silly to consider ourselves so much more progressive than countries that are making a lot more social progress than us!

OK–I guess that previous similar remarks have made me quick to jump on these things!

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