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How Single Sex Education Shouldn’t Be Done.

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Who the hell are these people and why are they making decisions for us? “Single-Sex Classes on Trial Expect Girls to Sit Down and Shut Up”

As a woman who attended an all female high school and currently a woman’s college, I’m a big fan of  single sex education. Some of the benefits I’ve noticed include a more open environment about issues related to women, especially in regards to sexual violence. Science classes are no longer a battleground between the sexes, and women are encouraged to stand up and talk loudly, among many many other things.

And really, this is sexism that can easily be refuted by some quick googling.  Which leads me to wonder, why in the world are the principals who care more about their own outdated sexist notions than actual studies and information regarding single sex education? Why are we allowing these people to continue to advance in society, and become our educators, politicians and high powered executives?

Let’s stop giving sexism a free pass and start holding sexist jerks accountable.

(check out the link’s website too! really cool people doing really cool things.)


2 Responses to "How Single Sex Education Shouldn’t Be Done."

what the hell is this?!

I mean (in my mind), this sounds so, so close to a carry-over of a rule in the Bible: “Let a woman learn quietly in all submissiveness.” (1 Tim. 2:11)

Alarm bells. But, no, they wouldn’t. It may be more indirect social influence of the same idea, however.

also, hi, its Jess (the one who is perpetually panicking)

Well THAT’S hella disturbing, and it’s also not the first time. A public school in Mobile, for example, started segregating classes by gender, even going so far as to discourage students from talking amongst themselves in the halls. The boys were taught about heroic behavior, traditional male roles, action verbs, and talked about sports.

The girls learned about “good character,” and talked about adjectives they could use to describe their ideal wedding.

Which is sick, but the really troubling part is that so many studies have shown that single sex education is really good for girls–mostly because the absence of boys allows girls to go outside gender programming and be /more/ active and outspoken. I LOVED my all girls high school, and the atmosphere it created.

When schools pull this kind of bullshit, they’re deliberately co-opting a system which has been commended to them for its empowering of young women, and making it about the next generation of passive, gender essentialist bullshit.

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