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WTF, Utah?

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Hey ladies, if you’re pregnant and have a miscarriage, you’re going to jail for murder! That’s right, any miscarriage induced by the woman or reckless behavior that induces a miscarriage will be prosecutable.

RH Reality Check: “Utah Passes Bill That Charges Women For Illegal Abortion or Miscarriage”

Good job at putting women with substance abuse problems in jail! Oh, and all those women in abusive situations who can’t bring a child into a safe home, but don’t have the resources to obtain a medical abortion. Good job at criminalizing them and not their abusers!

Keep on “protecting” that baby!


4 Responses to "WTF, Utah?"

OMG, how stupid is that? I can’t understand that…really

Isn’t it crazy? Way to go, Utah! Especially after Spain just LOOSENED its abortion laws! Gah.

Shouldn’t it be the woman’s right? Why are men choosing what a woman can do with her body?

One of the biggest questions of our time, Alexia. 🙂

(thank for commenting!)

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