More Hell, Fewer Dahlias: The Musings of a Radical Feminist.

The F-Bomb.

Posted on: February 21, 2010

Really cool site for teenage feminists! Featuring a great article on Kimya Dawson (of The Moldy Peaches fame!) this week.

Sorry to drop you a link and run, but my Taylor Swift musings aren’t coming out too well. I’m stuck right in the middle of my own personal feminist mudpuddle: how to criticize ideas and actions without tearing down other women. Striking the balance between praising Taylor Swift for being successful, and criticizing her for how she’s become successful and the ideals she promotes is proving more difficult than I realized. An article over at prompted all this, and its been helpful, but eh…we’ll see where this goes.

My personal mudpuddle right now reminds me of a book called “The Kayla Chronicles” by Sherri Winston. An awesome YA book, it talks about a young black woman’s struggle with fitting all of the parts of her life together:  feminist, good student, cheerleader/gymnast, and a teenager with developing interests in fashion and romance.  At one point she asks her best friend “Why was your first goal to tear other women down?” Its an interesting question, and one I’m going to explore more as I wrestle with Taylor Swift.


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