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Ski Jumping and the Olympics!

Posted on: February 19, 2010

I’m not a huge Winter Olympics fan anyways, and I’m not watching because of the ski jumping sexism. Far too many people don’t know about it, so here’s a quick link about the IOC’s latest attempt at making women second class athletes. Sexism in athletics is a huge problem that I’m not extremely educated on, so I’ve been doing some research for a future post.

Educate someone today about sexism and athletics! Title X didn’t solve all our problems in this area, unfortunately.

Next up: why Autostraddle is amazing and how I learned who Taylor Swift is!


5 Responses to "Ski Jumping and the Olympics!"

Another anecdote –

The women’s Canadian hockey team has always been fantastic, and they have always gotten far less glory than the men’s. This year it’s a bit more personal, because there are two athletes from my school’s team playing for Team Canada, and a good friend of mine plays for the hockey team, so her teammates of mine have seen them play.

In Turin, the men were eliminated in the quarter finals. The women won gold.

But they play at UBC’s stadium, with about 3K people in attendance, and the men play at GM Place, which I think is about 18K.

These girls are AMAZING. Like, beat Slovakia 18-0 amazing. Yet – they got flak for it. Were called disrespectful.

Just trying to stir up some thoughts, I’m looking forward to your post.

Ugh there’s so much to this that I never even though. It’s so unequal and unfair and I wasn’t even really aware of this area of sexism before. I was just reading about how the the magazine Sports Illustrated has had like, six female covers in the past five years…only one of which was an athlete in their appropriate athletic gear, the others were bikinis and tiny clothes. How is that okay?!

I’m glad your women’s team won. Hopefully it may encourage more support in the future, maybe?

I’m totally behind the women getting to ski jump, but just because the Olympic Committee is so, well, stupid, is no reason not to watch the Olympics. By watching you are supporting the women. (Indirectly, granted).Plus, seeing the female athletes is a reminder to everyone watching of how strong, enduring and beautiful woman are.

I’ve hated how women’s sports always seems like a joke to a lot of people. Why the hell don’t sports fans watch them? Because they aren’t part of the major mainstream leagues? Or is it because this is the only way everyone wants to see women involved in sports:

I was really disappointed to read an article talking about this. I feel like sports have come so far recently in terms of male/female equality, and I was stunned and saddened to hear that the Olympic committee had decided not to allow women to compete in a sport that men compete in. It’s total BS about this not being a “popular” enough sport and not having enough competition. If there’s enough competition for women to compete internationally, there’s definitely enough for the Olympics. There was an article in either the LA or NY times about this, and they featured a woman who competes in ski jumping, and so does her brother. Her brother has had the chance to compete at the past two Olympics, and she’s only been able to watch him. How stupid and unfair is that?

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